Most of our servers and worlds have GriefPrevention installed.  This allows you to claim your land so that no one can break your valuable creations.

Each hour of game play, you acquire 100 blocks to be used to claim land.

You may also buy claim blocks using /BuyClaim

To claim your land, hold a Golden Shovel and right click a block.

Find the opposite corner of the land you wish to claim and right click with your golden shovel.  Do not put your shovel away between corners as you’ll need to start over.


One you’ve selected both corners, your land will be identified with gold blocks.  They are not real and will change back to the previous block.  They are there only to allow you to identify your claim.


If you stand within your claim, you may use the following to share it with friends:

/trust – grants a player full access to your claims
/untrust – revokes a players access to your claims
/containertrust – provides access to your containers
/accesstrust – provides access to your claims and use of your bed.
/trustlist – Lists permissions for the claim you’re standing in.

/abandonclaim – Abandons the claim you are standing in.


You can also watch this YouTube video for further tutorials on Claims and Subclaims:

 Subclaim Commands

Along with the commands above, the following are specific to subclaims:

/SubDivideClaims – Switches to Subdivide mode.
/AbandonTopLevelClaim – Abandons the ENTIRE master claim and all subclaims
/DeleteClaim – deletes the claim you are standing in (or the subclaim)