WorldsofMC Commands

We have a number of plugins that make game play far more enjoyable.  The following is a list of in-game commands that work in most of our worlds:

Main Game Commands


/afk – Marks you “Away from Keyboard” to your fellow players
/back – teleports you back to your previous location
/balance – displays your current economy balance
/delhome [homename] – deletes the homename from your list of homes
/fly – Take off and fly (World dependent)
/help – Get in-game help
/home [homename] – Teleport to the named home location
/kit [kitname] – obtains the named kit – Try /Kit starter
/mail – utilize the in-game mail system
/msg [playername] – Sends a private message to [player]
/near – shows who’s nearby
/pay – pays money to another player
/rules – view the server rules
/sethome [homename] – sets the [homename] to your current location.
/seen [playername] – Shows the last logout time of a player
/tpa – request teleport to a player
/tpdeny – Reject a teleport request
/warp [location] – Lists all warps or teleports to [location] specified


/redeemcode [code] – Enter a code for referrals
/generatecode – Generate a code to give to your friends


/abandonclaim – abandon the claim you are standing in
/abandonallclaims – DELETES all your claims
/trust [playername] – grants another player access to your claims
/untrust [playername] – revokes trust from another player
/containertrust [playername] – Grants a player access to your chests
/buyclaimblocks – purchase more claim blocks
/trustlist – shows permissions for the claim you are standing in


/auction – General Auction Command
/bid – Bid on auction



/kitbattle join – Join kitbattle (world dependent)
/kitbattle leave – Leave Kitbattle
/kitbattle kits – Shows your kitbattle kits